Thursday, August 29, 2013


  • Are you hungry to see God’s power in action in the UK?
  • Are you tired of conventional church services?
  • Are you ready for a life-transforming touch from Heaven?
If you are interested in going with an organised group to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, there is now a coordinator organising groups from the UK and mainland Europe. Please CLICK HERE to fill in your online application  form. For more information please email for more details.
People of God, the Book of Acts is not mere history; it is the pattern of what Jesus Christ wants His church to be today. In Acts 19:11-12, Apostle Paul prayed for handkerchiefs and aprons which were sent out to the sick and oppressed, bringing healing, deliverance and breakthrough. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. As it was, so it is!
The New Anointing Water From Prophet T.B. Joshua
Today, we are seeing the hand of God move mightily through the medium of the Anointing Water at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria – an instrument God is using to bring healing to the afflicted, deliverance to those in demonic bondage and breakthrough to those struggling in a cycle of backwardness and limitation. It is not the water that brings the miracles; it is God Himself, since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ”.
By the amazing grace of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has sent the new Anointing Water to the UK! It will be ministered this Sunday in London, UK during a special Anointing Water service!
Get ready to:
  • Hear God’s Word!
  • See God’s Work!
  • Learn God’s Ways!
As you attend the service in faith, we know your case will not escape the anointing of God!
Here are the details:
Date: Sunday 1 September 2013
Time: 11:00 am (but get there early!)
Location: Logan Hall, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL.

Please contact +44 (0) 7985 034222 or +44 (0) 2070 603939 or email if you are interested in attending the Prayer Line.
Local Transport: Click here for a map. The closest tube station is Russell Square, on the Piccadilly Line, and is a 5 minute walk to the venue. Buses that go to Russell Square are 7, 59, 68, 91, 168 and 188. The closest train station (also a major tube and bus station) is Euston, which is a 10-15 minute walk to the venue.
We look forward to seeing you at the service, which will include the Prayer line with the new Anointing Water, live testimonies, as well as faith-building video clips and mass prayer shown on the huge video screen.

Prepare your heart for a touch from Heaven!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Last Sunday service was a glorious occasion to behold. From the wonders and miracles to the prophetic message, the exaltation of the Almighty God was elating. The prayer line hosted people from around the world seeking God’s intervention in their lives. They were prayed for by the wise men, healed and delivered in Jesus’ name.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, as usual, prophesied to many of the congregants – striking at the root of their problems. In his message, the prophet re-iterated his previous message: ‘Do Not Tempt The Devil To Tempt You’.

In his message for the day, Prophet T.B. Joshua said one can be anointed with God’s gifts but that the challenge is how to maintain such grace. He said, “Anyone can be sent to preach but not everyone can maintain that grace. To maintain the grace is the issue. Anyone can buy a car but not everyone can maintain it. If you had maintained the blessing of God you would not be complaining today.”

He said that the blessing of God attracts enemies and persecution and that when blessing comes, persecution comes. “The blessing of God is honey. When you drop honey or sugar on the floor, before you know it, ants from the East, South, West, North will come and eat the honey. Honey is the blessing of God; the ants come and look for it.” He, however, said man must not dwell on those that are against him but to love them and pray for them. Therefore, “It is a wrong prayer for your enemy to die. If they are not there, how will you grow? You cannot grow in the face of pleasure; it is in a place of difficulty that you grow”, he concluded.

Many people came out to glorify God for the dramatic changes they had experienced in their lives. It is our desire that as you read these testimonies, your faith will be lifted up to place you in a position for your own miracle, in Jesus’ name.


The devil gives with one hand and, before you know it, he snatches it back with the other and your situation becomes worse. Princess Rita Ngbe from Cross River, Nigeria is a living example.

She is also a classic case of how, if left to themselves without parental guidance, children’s minds can be defiled and become the devil’s workshop for manufacturing his deadliest arsenal.

Ms Ngbe, 29, came to The SCOAN to testify concerning the deliverance she received the previous week. Recounting her story, she said it all began when she was just 12 years old. She was not being monitored by her parents and became obstinate.

She would be very stubborn and preferred being inside her room. She would lock her room to make sure she was all alone. During those times, she would be reading books, some of which were too much above her age.

On one particular afternoon, while inside the room, a spirit that looked like a small blood-red chameleon appeared to her. The spirit told her it wanted to be her friend and they started to play. She grew up day by day with this being within her, developing her relationship with it unbeknown to any other person. “Because my parents did not pay any attention to me, I did not bother telling them anything about this strange phenomenon,” she said.

Later, the reptile began to give her instructions to initiate other children by rubbing white clay on them. When rubbed, the children would begin to also witness visions of the same red reptile.

Save for three girls whose parents were very prayerful, she initiated all girls that were put under her care in the neighbourhood and warned them never to tell anyone about it, threatening to beat them if they did.

When she entered secondary school, people started accusing her of belonging to a cult because of the way and manner she conducted herself and more especially the company she kept. Little did they know that she possessed powers higher than any cultist would boast to have.

“This made me annoyed because with the powers I had, it was disrespectful to compare me with a cultist. If I felt threatened or harassed by the lecturers or some bullies, I would say, ‘Do you know who I am? You will see!’ and they would run away.”

By worshipping the red reptile, she said, one would be very brilliant in class and be rich but would not be allowed to get married. She would be allowed to live with a man and have children but never to settle down with anyone. She was told never to fall in love.

As Ms Ngbe was growing up and following the instructions of the spirit, she would graduate spiritually and become sophisticated in her powers. She was able to send signals to make people fall in love. She didn’t even need to see the people in order to match-make them. Those people would get married but after two to three months, the marriage would bitterly break up.

But, thank God, she was not able to manipulate strong Christians but only corrupt hearts that would tell lies and fornicate because she had the power to control what people thought with their minds. To those who were innocent, naïve, she would send a lie to them and once they had lied, they were initiated.

She had power in her nails, eyes and forehead. Her eyes had so much power that if she looked at a mirror intently, the mirror would crack. She also had power in her forehead for deceiving people to believe that she was a good person.

“I had cars, houses and cash in my bank. Money was not a problem and I walked with authority,” she said. But it was not to be forever. She fell in love, broke the covenant she had with the devil and fell from her position. The fall was catastrophic. She found herself in jail on an office matter and ended up selling her two expensive cars – a Hummer bus and a Peugeot 607 for a paltry seventy-thousand Naira only.

In fact, she did not come to The SCOAN in search of deliverance, rather breakthrough so that she would financially be back on her feet. When she came to The SCOAN, she felt very uncomfortable as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was preaching love. According to her, she would have been more relaxed if he had been preaching hatred.

At The SCOAN, she was arranged at the prayer line. She brought out her pictures for the wise men to pray for but she was surprised as they did not touch the documents but rather touched her head (her crown). She saw beams of light and heard a voice telling her to confess and be free. Later, she found herself on the floor.

After her deliverance, the good sleep she had been denied for many years has returned to her. In her dreams, she would see herself in a group of people and also strange animals which she would communicate with. All these have gone after her deliverance.

She warned that satan gives and takes away in a jiffy. “I was excellent, very brilliant at school and rapidly rose in my career but when satan chose to take it away, he took it all away in one day. Everything about me collapsed and I ended up in prison,” she said.

She was not without advice: “Parents, watch your children. An idle mind is the workshop of the devil. For the rest of you with strange habits, go to a living church and receive your deliverance. There is nothing higher than God Almighty.”


Another person who came to testify to the glory of God was Mr Ikolo Sylvester. He had been smoking for 14 years. He had tried to stop it on his own but he couldn’t. His addiction was so chronic that if he didn’t smoke marijuana, he couldn’t eat.

“I was a chain smoker and smoked two packs of cigarettes and weed each day,” he said. As a result of the illicit substance, Mr Ikolo was arrested several times. During that period, he was very lean – he ate but it didn’t show. As a result of the problem, he became violent towards most people. One day he fell sick from a malarial attack and was admitted to the hospital.

While there, one of the patients was visited by a friend – a soldier. The visitor brought his friend the Anointing Water and ministered it on him. He became curious and interested and begged the soldier to spray a little on him. As the good visitor ministered the Anointing Water on him, Mr Ikolo prayed in his heart in Jesus’ name that God should set him free from his addiction.

That ended a long time addiction to chain-smoking and taking of illicit substances. “I am now free from the spirit of smoking and the urge for cigarettes and marijuana/weed is all but gone,” he shouted to the glory of God. He advised people to come closer to God and have faith in Him.


Mr Emoitologa Godday came all the way from Adamawa State, Nigeria to share his wonderful testimony. He had worked for the Ministry of Education as the Chief Education Officer for years without any promotion. Many people under him would be promoted but that was never the case with him.

For four times, he applied for the position of Assistant Director of Education but the effort bore no result. He decided to come to The SCOAN and by the grace of God, he received the Anointing Water.

When he was invited for an interview, he ministered it on his documents in Jesus’ name and prayed that he be considered for the position. He believed in his heart that he would be among the best ten for the promotion exam and, to the glory of God, he passed the exam and he was promoted to be the Assistant Director of Education. He said that all the candidates that had used his Anointing Water passed the interviews as well. He showed the congregation the promotion letter he received from the Ministry of Education, Nigeria with his name listed as number 9.

“Everyone saw me minister the Anointing Water and I boastfully told them that I would pass. Now that God has proven Himself true through the medium, people call me ‘Anointing Water Product’,” he said.


Next to take her turn to glorify God was Miss Favour Yaje from Cameroon who was delivered from the spirits of masturbation and bedwetting that had haunted her for more than 20 years. She said she would dream herself as a teenager. In her dreams, she would be desperate to use the lavatory and would do such, not knowing that she was actually urinating in her bed. To void this, she would struggle to keep herself awake which was impossible.

A young woman who left home aged 12 for insisting to read her Bible over the family’s beliefs in idol worshipping, she had no person to talk to. She single-handedly fought it but to no avail. “There was a particular time that I would have this problem every month,” she said.

As if that was not enough, she also had the problem of masturbation for 3 years. The problem tormented her so seriously that she could no longer pray, saying she could masturbate up to three times in a day. “I never got satisfied. Each action led to another all the time,” she said.

One day, while she was watching Emmanuel TV, she touched the screen, became angry at her problems and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Suddenly, she couldn’t control herself and didn’t remember what happened. When night came she had the same dream but to her amazement when she woke up, she found out that she had not wet the bed.

She received her deliverance two years ago and when Jesus delivered her, He delivered her effectually. Masturbation has become a long forgotten story. She advises: “Shame belongs to the devil. We should be open and be ready to expose our problems, so that we can be delivered. Parents, love your children so that they can confide in you.”


Sunday was also a happy day for the family of Mr John Warifinowei who came to The SCOAN to testify how a prophecy by Prophet T.B. Joshua had reunited his family.

Mr Warifinowei received the prophecy two weeks ago when the man of God pointed him out and asked him to ‘forgive the woman’. He came back to The SCOAN the following week, revealing that the person referred to in the prophecy was his mother whom he had always believed to be a witch.

He said his belief stemmed from the fact that many spiritualists, who presented themselves as prophets, had told him that his mother was the cause of all the hardship the family was passing through. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, declared that his mother was not a witch and advised the whole family to go on their knees and ask the mother for forgiveness.

Mr Warifinowei explained that when they got home that Sunday, they experienced joy in their family for the first time in ten years. Previously, he said, they would not even allow the mother to visit their homes as they were all afraid of being bewitched.

His wife equally testified to the massive change the prophesy had brought to their home. “For the first time, our children played with their grandmother,” she said, fighting tears of joy. She advised the congregants and viewers to always seek the voice of God and to avoid spiritualists who, she said, are never up to anything good but to ruin homes.

She said the meal they had had at The SCOAN’s restaurant soon after the reconciliation, was their first with the mother in all those years as they had always avoided and condemned her to a life of seclusion.

The mother could not hide her joy at being reconciled with her children, thanking God for using the man of God to rebuild the broken home.


Mrs Amy Anyadimaju and family came to The SCOAN following the deliverance she had received through Wise Man Harry.

Amy grew up without much parental care. She grew up believing that her father was dead according to what her mother had told her. As a result, she started running away from home. She ran away from school and she got raped at the age of six years. Since that incident, she started having the urge to be around men and she went too far to the extent that she became addicted to hard drugs.

She started selling herself and sleeping around with up to 15 men in a single night to raise money for drugs and her upkeep. It was during such escapades that she met with a man at a nightclub who later became the father of her three kids.

When she was six months pregnant, she ran away from her husband’s house and started prostituting with her pregnancy. After giving birth to her son, her mother took her home. However she was still craving for men and she decided to dump the 3-day-old child at home with her mother and returned to prostitution.

She ran away for almost two years from her family and nobody knew where she was. At the age of 18, she got pregnant for her third child. In her pregnancy, she went to Cape Town and she signed an agreement to sell the baby while he was still in her womb.

She also started to sell herself on the Internet to find clients from other countries through facebook. She recalled travelling to countries such as USA, Australia, UK and many more countries just to keep a date with an internet lover. It was during such trips abroad that she ran into a group of 20 men who slept with her in turn until she almost passed away.

She also recounted that one of the men she slept with suddenly turned to a snake on her. The other experience was that while sleeping with another man, he turned to a lion right on top of her.

On her facebook account, she said, she had 4,580 friends and men visiting her page just to download her obscene pictures. “Anytime I logged on to my Facebook account. I would receive hundreds of messages at a time and some men would offer me whatever I asked for,” she said.

After her deliverance, she felt ashamed of her past life as a prostitute and drug addict. Now, she no longer craves for men, cigarettes and drugs and instead longs for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. She said: “I’m indeed delivered. I advise all the youth to finish their education and listen to their parents. Stay away from facebook.”

Following this startling cyber revelation, Prophet T.B. Joshua called out the congregation to pray for the children and youth all over the world to be cautious of social networks.


His Royal Highness Bokolo Wari from Obiogu Kingdom, Niger-Delta, Nigeria came to The SCOAN purposely to seek God’s intervention concerning issues of idol worshipping and witchcraft that had torn his kingdom apart for over 230 years.

He was previously prophesied to by Prophet T.B. Joshua about a ‘court case which was going on appeal and a certain woman whom the community had falsely accused of being a witch’.

HRH Bokolo confessed that the two prophecies surprised him because he had never met the prophet.

He confirmed the prophecies to be true and said the first one was his main reason for visiting The SCOAN.

He explained that an eight-year-old girl had mysteriously entered a young man’s room and slept by his side. The door was securely locked but the young girl still entered the room. When they caught and questioned her, she confessed that she used to go for witchcraft meetings at night spiritually and started pointing to those who she claimed were witches and wizards in the community.

Because of this issue, his sister had attempted to commit suicide. One of the members of the community had died over this issue, while another one had ran into the forest and had not been seen ‘til this moment. He further explained that the community tortured the accused person before their bodies were buried. He said that a spiritualist who claimed to be a prophet had confirmed the confession of the young girl.

He said that there was no progress in the community because of the issue of witchcraft accusations and that he wanted the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua to intercede on behalf of the community.

Together with King Bokolo Wari and Chief Peter were two women who were accused of being witches.

Later on, the man of God came into the matter. Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that there would be a great and positive change in his family. He also declared that the young lady who had pointed fingers to community members was not a witch but was only afflicted and therefore, everything she had said should be considered falsehood.

The whole family of Chief Ogburu went on their knees to beg their mother for forgiveness for accusing her falsely of being a witch. Then, the family thanked the man of God for intervening in their affair.

These are but a few of the many testimonies and the man of God concluded his sermon of the day by prophetically advising the congregation and viewers to always seek the face of God in all issues as solution to root of their problems, citing the case of the man at the Beautiful gate: “Look at the man at the Beautiful Gate who was there to collect money. Peter and John said, ‘Silver and Gold, I do not have. Rise up and walk’. The lame man thought that he was not there for the miracle but for money. God knew that money couldn’t solve the problem.”

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Dear Rulea,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Naike Moshi. I have been a fan of Emmanuel TV. Through TB joshua, I have seen many miracles and people being healed and delivered. I realised I was also part of the devil works. Everything I do, there is no progress. I had a spirit of limitation, stagnation, anger and even a spiritual husband as my marriage has no peace. One day I knew that God will deliver me. So i started going to different pastors but still i felt there is something that was not right. By watching Emmanuel TV, My faith has gone up and Iam now a prayer warrior and continue to do fasting
Naike Moshi
On August 9, 2013 second day of Eid, a miracle happened. I was watching Emmaneul TV, TB joshua said, People all over the world, where can you go from presence, Distance is not a barrier. Touch your screen. I closed my eyes and touched the screen with my two hands. As soon as I did that, TB joshua started praying that I see breakthrough in your business, in your career, in your marital life, career. I felt down coz God of TB joshua touched me. It was so powerful. The deliverance did not end there, for the entire night I was having diarrhea and vomiting.

Prophet TB. Joshua

I believe I was delivered that day and so was my family.  I was free.  I believe more breakthroughs will happen and I will come again to give more testimonials. PRAISE THE LORD.
My advice to people is to believe in the living God and distance is not a barrier. Believing is your connection.
I know for sure, as soon as I get funds. I will go to SCOAN Nigeria and meet TB joshua and give my testimonials.
Rulea, I want us to meet one day. We have more things to talk about.
Naike Moshi
Founder & CEO
Innovatech Ltd
MayFair Plaza- Old Bagamoyo Rd
Inside Mara Launch Pad
Cell: +255 767 624536

Sunday, August 4, 2013


July 16, 2013 by thetbjoshuafanclub
The Scriptures say that people that were once in darkness, the Light has dawned on them. That axiom is particularly applicable to those who are privileged to have come under the canopy of T.B. Joshua’s Ministry that is laden with healing, deliverance and prophetic blessings.PROPHET T.B JOSHUA
This week’s Sunday service witnessed another ground-breaking prophecy which, according to the prophet, was so urgent that he could not but immediately make it public.
According to T.B. Joshua, widespread mass protests are looming in the atmosphere that except concrete measures are taken to prevent, will spiral into revolution with catastrophic consequence.
In his words, “I am seeing a revolution. I am seeing people take to the street. At the beginning of that protest, it might be stopped. Eventually, it will become so big that it cannot be stopped.”
As disturbing as this may sound, the prophecy did not leave us without a ray of hope. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua often says, “Whenever God gives a prophecy; He provides a way out.” Hence, on this occasion, he has also counseled that the way out of the impending doom is to include the youth in decision-making in every sector of the economy.
According to him, “The way out is job creation for the youth and the creation of a new social value system. This is because 90 percent of youth believe that it is by becoming political thugs that they could be successful, especially because those in the political offices do not want to retire in politics and become statesmen. The youth, no matter the education they have, feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy. There must be new orientation.”
The prophecy went ahead to prescribe workable example of how political leaders and employers of labour should approach the issue. It says, “In all appointments in the departments of politics or administration, youth should be considered as second in command. By doing this, we are training them to take over tomorrow. This is because they are leaders of tomorrow. If this is done, you will still see signs, you will still see protests but those protests will not turn into a revolution. Our youth are more educated than our elders because they are exposed to modern day technology. The coming ominous signs are disastrous. I am talking to the whole world. This is the vision I saw. Revolution is coming when people will take to the street because life has no value anymore to the people out there. Any nation that will start it now, will avert the coming revolution. Carry your youth along in your politics and administration especially in ruling your country. I have said it; none of these will go without being fulfilled”, he concluded.
The congregation also listened to testimonies of breakthrough, healing and deliverance, which served as reminder that there is hope for believers in the face of every situation that appears hopeless and helpless.
It is our earnest desire that, you too, will be richly blessed by the following testimonies:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Rose Mwaihojo amekuwa akimuota sana Nabii Tb Joshua kwa muda mrefu, na alikuwa akitamani sana kuonana naye lakini hakuweza kubahatika kuonana naye. Rose amekuwa akitamani sana kupta Anointing Water na Sticker akiamini kuwa akitumia tu maisha yake na matatizo yake yata kwisha. Rose amekuwa akijibiisha katika kutafuta Anointing Water na sticker kwa nguvu zote.

Rose Mwaihojo alikuwa akitafuta sana Anointing Water ya Nabii TB Joshua bila ya mafanikio kwa muda mrefu sana.  Alikuja kubahatika na kupata tone la Anointing Water kutoka kwa rafiki yake anaishi Dar es Salaam. Rose aliweza kuchanganya na maji ya kawaida na aliweza kuyatumia hayo maji yaliochanganywa na Anointing Water, na alipokunywa alitapika sana.

Rose aliweza kubahatika kukamata sticker ya Nabii TB Joshua kutoka kwa rafiki yake na  alipokamata tu mikono yake ilianza kupata ganzi, tumbo lake lilianza kuvurugika. Baada ya hapo alimuomba rafiki yake akatoe photocopy ya hiyo sticker akiamini itafanya jambo katika maisha yake. Rose alisema alipoitoa photocopy alienda nyumbani kwake nakuweka chini ya mto wa kulalia na alipoweka tu alisikia sauti ikisema "Toa Hivyo Vitu" .

Hali yake kiuchumi na kiafya tangia ametumia sticker hiyo na Anointing Water imeanza kubadilika kwani hapo nyuma alikuwa na matatzo makubwa sana kipindi hajatumia sticker hiyo na Anointing Water. Alisema, Kabla ya ya kutendewa muujiza huo, alikuwa akimuota sana Nabii TB Joshua katika ndoto.

Dada huyu anaomba sana maombi ya Nabii TB Joshua ili aweze kufanikiwa katika mitihani yake aliyofanya.

Unaweza kuwasiliana na Rose kwa simu +255 755440648 kwa ushuhuda zaidi

Rulea Sanga
+255 715851523

Monday, July 29, 2013


Uwezo wa Mungu ni kutimiza  mahitaji ya watu wake. Mungu anaendelea kufanya katika maisha ya watu kwa njia ya maajabu na miujiza. Kwa neema ya Mungu SCOAN imebaki kuwa kituo cha matendo ya Mungu kubadilisha maisha ya watu, kubadilisha taifa, na kubadilisha ulimwengu kwa kuhibiri, kukomboa, uponyaji, na kutabiri.

TB Joshua alisistiza juu ya viongozi kujikita zaidi kusaidia taifa na sio kutaka kujinufaisha. Aliwaomba viongozi wa Africa kukaa pamoja na kuliokoa mataifa yenye matatizo.

God’s ability to meet the needs of His people is everlasting just as He is. He continues to work in people’s lives through wonders and miracles. By God’s grace, The SCOAN remains an epicenter of God’s action in changing lives, changing nations and changing the world, through preaching, deliverance, healing and prophecy, among others. Last Sunday witnessed another bumper harvest of God’s blessings as was expressed in the mood of the congregation that fellowshipped at The SCOAN, arriving from various parts of the world.

Addressing the congregation, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated the need for leaders to put the interest of their nations above self-interest. The message, which was prophetic in nature, urged African leaders to come together and rescue troubled nations.

He spoke once again on the theme of unity, stressing that irrespective of the different spiritual gifts God has endowed His people with, they are to work together as a team. “Whether you plant or water, we are a team. Each will be rewarded for what he or she does because we are all Christ’s co-workers.”

He emphasized that the foundation upon which all Christians are to build on is Jesus Christ. “No one can lay a foundation – because the foundation has already been laid. The foundation is Jesus Christ. So, I must be careful how I work because the foundation has already been laid. The foundation is Jesus and I will build on the foundation of Jesus Christ.”

We are glad to share with you a few of the testimonies that glorify the Lord’s name:

June 18 2013, will remain a day of terror for Mr Adjemena MacJaja, a fisherman from Rivers, Nigeria. What started like a normal day with routine checks on his boat and fishing gear, turned out to be a total nightmare and deadliest venture Adjemena will not forget in a hurry. On the fateful day, Mr Adjemena set sail on the Atlantic Ocean with two of his companions looking for fish.
Adjemena and his friends are no strangers to the ocean, as fishing is one major occupation the people of Rivers State would take to even at childhood. As was always the case, their search took them deep into the vast ocean.

Before mid-day, the trio had caught some sizeable fish and were already contemplating calling it a day when evil came knocking on their door. An unusual terrific storm hit their boat, rocking it and eventually breaking it into fragments. He and his companions were scared stiff. They had never experienced anything like that, not in his more than 35 years of acquaintance with the ocean as a fisherman.

The impact of the wave drove them deeper into frightening heights as they clung tenaciously to the broken pieces of what used to be their boat. It was while he was drifting deeper into the unfriendly waters, that he remembered he had a bottle of the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker in the bag he had since formed a habit of carrying to everywhere he went. He struggled to swim back to the belly of the boat where he effortlessly found his bag containing the Anointing Water and the Sticker.

Acting on the words of his mentor, Prophet T.B. Joshua, that, when you run out of rope, it is time to grab onto faith, he clung to the contents of his bag, believing that nothing ungodly could ever happen to him, no matter what. He then managed to fish out the Anointing Sticker and asked his companions to join hands in a spirit of camaraderie to pray for God’s intervention in their moment of despair. Surprisingly, one of them arrogantly refused to pray.

They started to condemn the devil, calling him a liar and kept shouting ‘Emmanuel!’ The wave did not cease but continued to push them further into unfamiliar terrain. There was no one to rescue them. They could not spot any other fishermen within the radius their already weakened eyes could see. Immediately after they had poured out those fervent and emotion-laden words of supplication to the Almighty Father, another violent wave rocked their only hope out of grip – sending the three of them at different directions.
That incident shattered their spirit of togetherness and dampened their hope of survival because they just realized that they needed one another for encouragement and consolation. Soon, they would drift further apart and could not see each other anymore. Unfortunately, the young man who had refused to pray along with his companions was never to return. He died of exhaustion and frostbite.

Two days had passed before Mr Adjemena heard a voice telling him to let go of his bag. Knowing that it was the bag in which he had stored away The Anointing Water and Sticker, he was quick to recognize that voice as not of God. He rebuked it and rather managed to tighten the slings round his neck and his shoulder.

By the third day, alone in the ocean and without much strength left in him, he heard a voice say: “You shall not die”. Then all of a sudden, he spotted a trawler in the distance. He swam towards it with as much energy as he possibly could gather; knowing that it was an opportunity he could not afford to miss.

All of a sudden the ocean wave, combining with the wave generated from the gliding ship, tossed him several nautical miles helplessly out of sight in a matter of seconds. He thought to himself that the end had come. All he could imagine was the loving family and friends he had left behind. With his limbs completely stiffened by the coldness of the water and his entire body white as snow, he shut his eyes and prayed to God for mercy. He reached for The Anointing Sticker and clutched it fondly as if he was holding the hand of God. As he looked up, he noticed another ship in the distance which did not matter to him because that one was anchored. He knew that by and large, he would be able to swim to it.

Suddenly he felt something push him for about 15 minutes, drawing him closer to the ship. Before long, the men on the ship had spotted him and were encouraging him to forge ahead until they could safely throw an anchor to fish him out of water. When he reached a comfortable distance, an anchor was lowered for him to grab at but he missed it. A lifebuoy was thrown at him and before he knew it, he was rescued onto the ship.

“They bathed me with very hot water, yet it felt as cold. I was all white from the cold salted ocean water. Believe me, this is not Nollywood acting. It was real and true. This Anointing water is real. It saved me from death,” concluded Mr Adjemena.
Pastor Bobby of Living Faith Ministries aka Winners Chapel, friend to Adjemena added to the testimony: “What happened to Mr Adjemena is not ordinary. I had always advised him to carry the Anointing Water and Sticker with him. I knew he would not die. When I visited him to ask what had saved him, he pointed at the Anointing Sticker and the Anointing Water.”

Pastor Bobby himself was also healed of kidney stones, spinal cord problem and a weak erection thanks to the Anointing water he had obtained from The SCOAN.

Books have ever proved to be one source of valuable information. Unfortunately, not everything one reads has to be taken for gospel truth. At least, that is what one, Mr. Baalah Mbebu, from Ghana is ready to prove. He told the congregation and world viewers of Emmanuel TV how a book he had read in school, hooked him to a habit that was to haunt him for the rest of his life at least until he was delivered at The SCOAN.

Mr Mbebu said he read in one book that it was better to masturbate than fornicate. He explained that he believed the information and decided to satisfy his sexual urges through masturbation. He said that for 19 years, he was a slave to the habit and could not find a way out. He said the habit severely affected him in his studies because he could not concentrate and made him to be short tempered. This, he said, resulted in the loss of his self-esteem and he would easily get annoyed and irritated.

“Every time I masturbated, I felt angry. I would not concentrate in class. When I got married, I thought it would be over but it persisted,” he said. He said, consequently, he had no affection for his wife but knew this was not right. It was until he came to The SCOAN in 2011 and obtained the Anointing Water that hope was restored for him. Back in Ghana, he ministered the Anointing water and, three weeks later, the urge was gone.

“I no longer feel like doing it again. My self-esteem is restored. I can engage in debate and discussions. My advice is that parents should be discussing with their children about adulthood. All the answers they need are in the scriptures,” he said.


“My name is Enow Simon Tambi-Arrey. I come from Cameroon. The problem that brought me to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, was ‘evil trees’ in the compound where I live. Whenever we were in the house particularly at night, we would not be able to sleep. Birds from everywhere would make eerie noises. Bats would fly in from all over and perch on the trees and make all kinds of weird noises. We could not live in peace. My children were also having problems in their education as a result of the spiritual attacks. But I had always seen on Emmanuel TV how people were being delivered from such peculiar happenings. I decided to come to The SCOAN so that the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua would similarly do it for me.

On 18th July, I came and was arranged on the prayer line where I received a bottle of the Anointing Water. A voice said to me: ‘Please take this Anointing Water and drink it all.’ I shared it with my daughter, anointed ourselves and went to our separate rooms at the lodge we were staying.

For the first time in many years, I had a wonderful sleep. In the morning, my daughter told me of a strange dream she had had – a dream about people in a cage and how they chased her away calling her a traitor. Coincidentally, the same night, I had a dream in which I saw a woman and child escape from a room we were staying.

And, behold, by 2.30 pm that Friday while in my hotel room, I got a call from home [Cameroon] that a terrible storm had hit our area and that the evil trees had been uprooted in what I believe was the Hand of God. Strangely, of the nine people in the house, none was hurt. All the vehicles parked by the trees never got damaged from the impact. I know the God I serve is a great God. People of God, my past is over and the Anointing Water was the medium that I used.”

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This is an official statement from Prophet T.B. Joshua. My attention has been drawn to an online article headlined ‘Pastor T.B. Joshua Revealed As Man Behind Al-Mustapha’s Release’ written by Sahara Reporters.

This article is from the enemy. They should not drag me into the issue of politics. If I was ever to go to Aso Rock, I would go publicly.

I have already told you how I met Al-Mustapha. Don’t put words in my mouth. I explained that I got to know him many years ago when a petition was addressed to General Bamaiyi who was the then Chairman of the NDLEA. I spent nine days with them for investigation and they found the whole thing to be a fabrication.

From there, I was taken to see the president where I met Mustapha. I was able to reveal to them who I am by telling them what was to come as a prophet. I told him that he would spend several years in prison and would be finally released which no one else had ever told him. That is why you saw him coming here as his first port of call. Where there is no vision, people perish.

It is therefore very malicious for Sahara Reporters to attach any political meanings to Al-Mustapha’s visit. At no time did I tell President Jonathan that his political fortune rested with setting Al-Mustapha free, neither did I ever suggest that Chief James Ibori, former Delta State Governor be brought back to Nigeria to assist the president in the 2015 presidential election.

Count me out of the politics of hatred.